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As a protection against storm tides the rivers between the North Sea and lower Elbe are being cut off by a barrage. The most important building of this kind is the Eidersperrwerk. The area around Eider and Treene are being protected against high tide by a
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300 year old Frisianhouse. North german longhouse with thatched roof and red bricks. Rooms covered with tiles from Delft. 
Details of Friesenhaus mit Kachelstube und Reetdach
25832 Katingsiel
Originally built in order to process crude oil. These days the oil port near Brunsbuettel also participates in the import of oil which is transported to Hemmingstedt through a pipeline . 
Details of Raffinerie Hemmingstedt
25770 Hemmingstedt
Friedrichstadt was built (in 1621 by Dutch people) at the junction of the rivers Treene and Eider. The town is mainly in its original state. 
Details of Friedrichstadt
25840 Friedrichstadt
25764 Wesselburenerkoog
Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Tönning
Ansprechpartner NN 638

25832 Tönning
Local contact
Herrn Johns
Phone 04861-615-0
Public authorities
Kreisverwaltung Nordfriesland / Verkehrsabteilung
Marktstr. 6
25813 Husum
Phone 04841-67-213