Friesenhaus mit Kachelstube und Reetdach

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300 year old Frisianhouse. North german longhouse with thatched roof and red bricks. Rooms covered with tiles from Delft.

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As a protection against storm tides the rivers between the North Sea and lower Elbe are being cut off by a barrage. The most important building of this kind is the Eidersperrwerk. The area around Eider and Treene are being protected against high … 
Details of Eidersperrwerk
25764 Wesselburenerkoog
Westerhever is located on the peninsula Eiderstedt at the North Sea Coast. Its landmark is probably the most famous Lighthouse in Germany. It was built in 1906 and is about 42 meters high. Since 2001 sight seeing is possible and in the past the … 
Details of Leuchtturm Westerhever
25881 Westerhever
St. Peter-Ording is situated on the North Sea coast, 45 km southwest from Husum. The main attraction is the huge 12 kilometre beach (one of the biggest in Europe) with cafés and restaurants in stilt houses. The beach is also a famous location of … 
Details of St. Peter-Ording
25826 St. Peter Ording
Schmeerstraße 4
25832 Katingsiel
Schankwirtschaft Andresen
Ansprechpartner Herrn Volker Andresen

25832 Katingsiel / Tönning
Local contact
Herrn Volker Andresen
Phone 04862 - 370
04862 - 1390
Public authorities
Kreisverwaltung Nordfriesland / Verkehrsabteilung
Marktstr. 6
25813 Husum
Phone 04841-67-213