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The Fischauktionshalle, an architectural jewel, reminiscent of a basilica, was built in 1896 and used for fish auctions. An iron structure with a cupola, it was also called the "Cathedral of Fish". Two galleries run along the inside and the red brick on the outside is adorned with fish motifs. The building was restored in the early 1980s. The hall can be hired.

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Clipper Elb-Lodge

Große Elbstraße 47
22767 Hamburg

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Swantje Germis

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Altonaer Fischauktionshalle Betriebsgesellschaft mbH und Jens Stacklies Veranstaltungsservice
Ansprechpartner Sven Plath
Willy-Brandt-Str. 47
20457 Hamburg
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