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Tankbecken der Forschungsanlage
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For more than ninety years the Hamburg Ship Model Basin HSVA has been and still is one of the leading companies in hydrodynamic research. The company has influenced the development of crucial technologies, methods, standardisations and problem solving processes. HSVA was founded in 1913 as largest institution of its kind worldwide. Submarines and aircrafts that look like an amphibian were tested then. After the war, the premises were almost completely destroyed; the new buildings were erected some hundred meters away. Inside there are, among other things, a 300m and a 80m tank, an ice tank of 78m length and a hall with ship models. Beside this, the entrance hall with its timber panels and white ball-shaped lamps has a special charm. Out of respect for the customers, not all buildings are available for shootings at once.

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Hamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt
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