Övelgönne Elbstrand

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Foto: Mediaserver Hamburg/Andreas Vallbracht
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Foto: Mediaserver Hamburg/Andreas Vallbracht
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The citizens of Hamburg enjoy the summer and the sunshine on the sandy beach of the river Elbe at the old captains’ village, Övelgönne. Front gardens of all sizes stretch down to the riverbanks.

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Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg

Beim Alten Gaswerk 3 / Daimlerstraße
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Stefan Pallasch
Clipper Elb-Lodge

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Michael Ziemann

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Large park with three playgrounds. The public playground comprises a spacious soccer and basketball ground and inline skating facilities. The second playground lies across from a kindergarten and is supervised. There are many modern climbing … 
Details of Spielplatz - Bernadottstr. 26/ Ecke Fischers Allee
22763 Hamburg
The „Museumshafen Oevelgoenne (museum harbour of Oevelgoenne) was founded by a private association in 1977 at the fairy pier of Neumuehlen. It offers a mix of historic professional sailing ships. For example an old fire ship, which was in … 
Details of Museumshafen Övelgönne
22763 Hamburg
Architectural contrasts along the edge of the harbour: The so-called pearl necklace offers an interesting succession of renovated and new buildings along a ca. 6-kilometer stretch of shoreline. 
Details of Neumühlen Hafenrand
22763 Hamburg
22605 Hamburg
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