Yachthafen Finkenwerder

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Einfahrt von der Elbe
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Yachthafen Finkenwerder am Rüschweg
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The Finkenwerder Yachthafen (marina) is visually cut off from the Elbe, and only becomes accessible once the entrance to the North of Rüschweg has been passed. The marina next to the Airbus premises is home to several sailing clubs and their pontoons and mooring berths. The largest club is TUS Finkenwerder, boasting c 250 sailing boats. The East bank at Rüschweg is marked by trees, shrubs and wild flowers, creating a very romantic atmosphere. The club premises with clubhouses and warehouses are situated at Rüschweg 18.

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c/o TUS Finkenwerder, Abt. Segeln
Ansprechpartner Peter Johannsen
Rüschweg 18
21129 Hamburg
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