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In Finkenwerder Vorhafen lies the METHA treatment plant wharfage, belonging to the Hamburg Port Authority. METHA is the first major sediment-processing plant in the world to mechanically process dredged harbour sediments. It separates and drains polluted silt from sand. The sand can be used as building material while the silt is processed and either used as packing material or deposited environmentally safely. Large scale tests have been conducted in view of recycling as a building material or a natural resource substitute in the production of building materials. Conduit pipes and suction devices transport the dredged material via the wharfage to the processing plant.

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Seemannshöft 21129 Hamburg
Dradenauer Hauptdeich 17
21129 Hamburg
HPA Hamburg Port Authority
Ansprechpartner Ulrich Döring oder Matthias Jürss
Alter Wandrahm 4
20457 Hamburg
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Bezirksamt Hamburg Harburg
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