Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg

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Eine Projektion vom Nordpol auf eine Wand aus Eis
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Ein Globus, welcher Naturvorgänge simuliert
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Maritime pictures, models, flags, decorations, cards, uniforms and even a projection on a wall of ice makes the Maritime Museum in Hamburg so unique.On its 11 floors the largest private maritime collection by Peter Tamm, is presenting its beautyAlready, the museum is an integral part of the Port of Hamburg, because it annually a lot of people from home and abroad attracts.The museum is located since 2007 in Kaispeicher B, the oldest hamburger spokespersons.This appearance, however, has remained until today.Although the museum is very modern, the old memory is not under but.Creaky floors and rustic wood look gives the feeling of being on a ship.Since this year is before the museum even has its own investors for boats of Hamburg Circle lines, thus can also be reached from the waterway to the museum.The 10th "Deck" is an event location in which you can party with up to 200 peopleOn the whole museum area may also be held events.

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Time limitFilming just out of the opening times, when its not said different.

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Koreastraße 1
Kaispeicher B
20457 Hamburg
Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg
Peter Tamm sen. Stiftung
Ansprechpartner Frau Reineward
Koreastraße 1
20457 Hamburg
Local contact
Frau Reineward
Phone 040/300923014
Public authorities
AAA Bezirksamt Hamburg Mitte
Fachamt Management des öffentlichen Raumes, Sondernutzung MR1
Caffamacherreihe 1-3
20355 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 54 33 57/ -3413
Polizeikommissariat 14
PK143 - Straßenverkehrsbehörde
Sachgebiet City (PK 11, 14)
Caffamacherreihe 4
20335 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 65 14 -22/-23/-27/-28/-29/