Red Devil`s Club

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The red Devils Club is a partyroom of the Red Devils biker. They rent this room for partys and events. It looks like an american bikerclub with a lot wood and bikes inside. It is very dark.

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Kleinhuis Hotel Mellingburger Schleuse

Mellingburgredder 122395 Hamburg

Regina Grünewald

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The media center of the Media Docks is a meeting point and medium at the same time. The function rooms for workshops and presentations are available for interested companies, just as the audio-, video- and multimedia studios. Production, training, … 
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The Burgtor belongs to the old fortifications of Lübeck. It is still in use as a drivethrew to reach the old townpart of Lübeck. Beside the Gate are the citywalls still existing. 
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23552 Lübeck
Posener Strasse 19
Red Devil`s Club
Ansprechpartner Herrn Berni Biker
Posener Strasse 19
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