Zeise Hallen

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Zeisehallen, Detail Infokasten an Zufahrt
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Zeisehallen, Fassade Hausnummer 9
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Ansicht ehemalige Drehereihalle, Fassade zur Bergiusstraße
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Fassade Hausnummer 9
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Nebeneingang zu den Büros in Friedensallee Nr. 9
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The former Zeise-factory in Altona for ships´ propellers has been renovated and converted. A cinema, shops, restaurants as well as offices are now part of the modern ambience of the “Zeisehallen”. The oldest building of the factory, the current “Filmhaus”, dates back to 1882. The facade with its two gables on Bergiusstraße dates from 1901. Its ornate brickwork is typical of industrial buildings of the turn of the 20th century. All parts of the factory provide evidence of their former purpose.

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Current use

There are three entrances, one elevator and a spiral staircase.

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Local contact
Herr Röhl (Hausmeister)
Phone 0177-538 94 47
Public authorities
Bezirksamt Hamburg Altona, Dezernat für Wirtschaft, Bauen und Umwelt
Servicezentrum, Sondernutzungszentrale
Jessenstraße 1-3
22765 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 11 62 - 33 / -34
040-428 11 62-39
Polizeikommissariat 21
Mörkenstraße 30
22767 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 65 21 -20/-21/-22
040-4 27 31 22 380