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„More than cinema“ - is promised by CinemaxX. All of the 29 cinemas have 4K-image technique and a high modern sound system. Cinemaxx Dammtor is a premier cinema in the center of the city. Lots of national and international stars are walking the red carpet there. Hall 1 covers around 1,000 visitors and has the newest technique like MAXXIMUM SOUND, MAXXIMUM 3D, MAXXIMUM HFR and MAXXIMUM 4K. The biggest screen has about 264 qm surface and offers an optimal view and a movie adventure in xxl size. Moreover, the content level is developing under the motto “More than cinema”, too. There are specials like movies in original version or the popular sneak preview. Additionally to the full program Cinemaxx transmittals art exhibitions, sport events, classic-, rock- and pop concerts as well as opera and ballet performances.

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Hotel Baseler Hof

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20354 Hamburg

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Radisson Blu Hotel

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The Danats Gang belongs to a few connected walkways behind the An der Obertrave and the Hartengrube. The houses of the Donats Gang are from the renaissance and the baroque. The patios is comfortable and well kept. 
Details of Lübeck / Donats Gang
23552 Lübeck
Modelled after the Friedrichstrasse and Alexanderplatz train stations in Berlin, the Dammtor train station, also simply called the Dammtor, was designed as an elevated railway. Broad Jugendstil, rustic stone facades and an ornate steel and glass … 
Details of Dammtorbahnhof
20354 Hamburg
Hamburg´ s former opera house dates back to 1826/27. Between 1953 and 1955, a new 50s-style opera house was built, using anodised gold, travertine marble and an abundance of glass.Shootings are very difficult because there are performances every … 
Details of Staatsoper Hamburg
20354 Hamburg
Dammtordamm 1
20354 Hamburg
Cinemaxx AG
Ansprechpartner Ingrid Breul
Dammtordamm 1
20354 Hamburg
Local contact
Public authorities
AAA Bezirksamt Hamburg Mitte
Fachamt Management des öffentlichen Raumes, Sondernutzung MR1
Caffamacherreihe 1-3
20355 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 54 33 57/ -3413
Polizeikommissariat 11
PK143 - Straßenverkehrsbehörde
Sachgebiet City (PK 11, 14)
Caffamacherreihe 4
20335 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 65 14-24, -25, -26, -36