Foto: ffhsh/Marc-Oliver Schulz
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Foto: ffhsh/Marc-Oliver Schulz
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Foto: ffhsh/Marc-Oliver Schulz
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Foto: ffhsh/Marc-Oliver Schulz
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Foto: ffhsh/Marc-Oliver Schulz
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Foto: ffhsh/Marc-Oliver Schulz
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Blick von der Herrengrabenbrücke, Foto: ffhsh
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Skulpturen auf der Fleetinsel, Foto: ffhsh
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Hotel Steigenberger, Foto: ffhsh
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Straßencafé, Foto: ffhsh
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Straßencafé, Foto: ffhsh
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Fleetinsel-Blick auf Fleethof, Foto: ffhsh
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Blick von MIchaelisbrücke auf den Herrengrabenfleet, Foto: ffhsh
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Blick auf die Ellerntorsbrücke, Foto: ffhsh
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Detail Straßencafé, Foto: ffhsh
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Blick vom Straßencafé, Foto: ffhsh
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Fleetinsel, Foto: ffhsh
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Historisches Kontorhaus Michaelis & Co., Foto: ffhsh
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The Fleetinsel, the Fleet Island, is located between the Old City and the new part, between two canals, the Herrengrabenfleet and the Alsterfleet, and between the underground stations, Stadthausbrücke and Baumwall. The island is connected via bridges. A few warehouses and shipping companies" offices have been preserved in the vicinity. At the beginning of the 90s, modern hotels such as the Steigenberger and other office buildings sprang up around the local market called Fleetmarkt.

Hotels nearby

Steigenberger Hotel Hamburg

Heiligengeistbrücke 4
20459 Hamburg

Nicole Mathesie
Sofitel Am Alten Wall

Alter Wall 40
20457 Hamburg

Dominique Vockeradt

Locations nearby

The Steigenberger Hotel is located on the Fleetinsel (a passage between two urban waterways) in Hamburg's city centre. It offers 214 rooms, 12 suites and 10 conference rooms (up to 265 sqm). In front of the hotel there is a private jetty, and the … 
Details of Hotel Steigenberger / Day SPA
20459 Hamburg
With numerous lounge and meeting rooms, a chapel and a Hotel operated by the Basler Hof, the Catholic Academy opened in 1973 in Hamburg a wide range of spatial options. The building consists of five graded bodies, resulting in the center of a … 
Details of Katholische Akademie
20459 Hamburg
The elevated station of the Hamburg underground (the Hamburg underground is operated widely above the ground) crosses one of Hamburg´ s busiest streets. The platform offers a view to the modern shopping centres as well as to historical buildings. 
Details of Rödingsmarkt U-Bahnhof
20459 Hamburg
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