St. Gertrud Kirche Uhlenhorst

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Since 1399, there was one in downtown St. Gertrude's Chapel, which was destroyed in 1842 during the great fire. On the 40th Day of its destruction in 1882, the foundation stone was set on new St. Gertrude at a new location, the Kuhmühlenteich. With its 88 meter high tower is the brick Gothic a visible symbol of Hohenfelde and Uhlenhorst.The 460 different types of brick are also among the special features of the church as their geographic location in the center of Hamburg. The building survived the Second World War surprisingly well, so that only small renovations to walls and windows were necessary.The interior looks very warm and friendly. Since its reorganization after the war, the simple red-brown brick elements are surrounded by white walls and result in a bright and clear image space. The impressive organ from 1967 fits in perfectly with the interior design and demonstrates the excellent acoustics of the neo-Gothic building.Community centers offer more rooms and also a large green area provides space for various purposes.The parking situation in front of the church and along the road Immenhof is very good and you can reach the main church entrance by car.

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NoteParking spaces available. Carpet in aisle, spare rooms available.

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Kirchengemeinde St.Gertrud
Ansprechpartner Pastor Frie Bräse

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