Piazza, Foto: FFHSH/M.O.Schulz
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Susannenstraße, Foto: FFHSH/M.O.Schulz
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Piazza, Foto: FFHSH/M.O.Schulz
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Piazza, Foto: FFHSH/M.O.Schulz
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Piazza, Foto: FFHSH/M.O.Schulz
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Schulterblatt, Foto: FFHSH
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Juliusstraße, Foto: FFHSH
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Hinterhof Neuer Pferdemarkt, Foto: FFHSH
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Sternstraße, Foto: FFHSH
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Hinterhof Sternstraße, Foto: FFHSH
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Lerchenstraße, Foto: FFHSH
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Sicht auf den Bunker im Florapark, Foto: FFHSH
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Schulterblatt, Foto: FFHSH
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Feldstraßentreppen, Foto: FFHSH
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Highlife on the street at daytime until late at night: The Schulterblatt with its many cafés, bars, restaurants and small shops marks the centre of the young, trendy Schanzen quarter.

Hotels nearby

Mövenpick Hotel Hamburg

Sternschanze 6
20357 Hamburg

Susanna Struck
Mercure Hotel Hamburg Mitte

Schröderstift 3
20146 Hamburg

Alexander Salomon

Locations nearby

The Agathenstrasse is a small street in the district of Eimsbuettel, next to the Schaeferstrasse. The small houses with stairways and wrought-iron fences remind the visitor of London or Amsterdam. 
Details of Agathenstraße
20357 Hamburg
The Karostar Musikhaus is located not far away from the city centre in the district St. Pauli. It is a court, built by former slaughterhouses, with a wooden floor and wooden terrace steps, which invite locals to rest. This court with its 1.200 … 
Details of Karostar Musikhaus
20357 Hamburg
The water tower, built between 1907 and 1910 and in use since 1962, is the landmark of the Sternschanzenpark, the park in the district of Sternschanze. The water tower is now a hotel and belongs to the hotel chain Moevenpick. It has 226 rooms that … 
Details of Wasserturm Sternschanze / Mövenpick Hotel Hamburg
20357 Hamburg
(z.B.) Schulterblatt
20357 Hamburg

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Servicezentrum, Sondernutzungszentrale
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Sachgebiet St. Pauli (PK 15, 16)
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