Historische Salzspeicher am Holstentor

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historical buildings close to Holstentor. Today used as storerooms, warehouses

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The Kolk runs from the Holstenstrasse towards the Große Petersgrube. In this small walkway lies the puppetmuseum and the puppettheatre. In the street are a lot old historical town houses. The Kolk lies underneath the St.-Petri-Church. 
Details of Lübeck / Kolk
23552 Lübeck
An der Obertrave is direct to the river Obertrave and it his housefronts are from historical buildings. During the Hanse the street belongs to the Harbor and to the fortification of Lübeck. 
Details of Lübeck / An der Obertrave
23552 Lübeck
Heick & Schmaltz
Ansprechpartner Herrn Koch
0451 - 70 49 35
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Public authorities
Hansestadt Lübeck - Rathaus
Breite Straße 62
23539 Lübeck
Phone 0451-122 59 06
0451-122 23 90