Hotel Bellevue

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The hotel is located at the high banks of the Elbe River in Lauenburg. It high period was in the 60s and 70s because of the transit line between Hamburg and Berlin. The Hotel with its restaurant is a beloved destination today. There are several rooms which can cover up to 250 persons. Moreover, from the 11 hotel rooms is one still in style of the 60s and all the others are modernized.

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The traditional upper- class restaurant was completely renovated in 1998.It is famous for excursions across the Elbe in “Vierlanden”.A beer garden for 350 persons, a restaurant, a conservatory, a club- room, a banquet hall and the … 
Details of Zollenspieker Fährhaus
21037 Hamburg
Blumenstr. 29
21481 Lauenburg/Elbe
Hotel Bellevue
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Blumenstr. 29
21481 Lauenburg/Elbe
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