Hamburg Dungeon

Störtebeker, Foto: ©Hamburg Dungeon, Björn Gantert
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Maria Katharina Wächtler, Foto: ©Hamburg Dungeon, Björn Gantert
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Gängeviertel, Foto: ©Hamburg Dungeon, Björn Gantert
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Gängeviertel, Foto: ©Hamburg Dungeon, Björn Gantert
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Folter, Foto: ©Hamburg Dungeon, Björn Gantert
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Santa Fu, Foto: ©Hamburg Dungeon, Björn Gantert
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Eventbereich, Foto: ©Hamburg Dungeon
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Boat Ride, Foto: ©Hamburg Dungeon
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The Hamburger Dungeon stands for interactive shows with professional actors, live entertainment, over 600 years of the history of Hamburg and horrible fun. The rooms in the catacombs are offered as a setting for individual shootings. Special effects and a horrible atmosphere – different stations give place for exciting shots. There are eleven shows and two driving attractions which are all in different and complexly designed rooms.

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Nicole Mathesie

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Dungeon Deutschland GmbH
Ansprechpartner Frau Linda Best
Kehrwieder 2
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