Altonaer Balkon

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The Altonaer Balkon is a small park on the northern bank of the Elbe with an unobstructed view of the opposite side. It almost feels like approaching a steep to the coast while stepping onto the balkony, in the abyss the Elbe sparkles in the sunshine - not the open seas. On the other shore the skyline of the harbour hustle towers - the cranes of the container harbour Waltershof and the sewage treatment plant Köhlbranddeich that seems slightly supernatural.

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A church in the "Ottensen" quarter. 
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The neo-renaissance town hall, built between 1896 and 1898 used to be part of the train station. The four wings of the building have triangular pediments. Above the main entrance in the north wing the pediment depicts an allegory of the city. The … 
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The Stuhlmann well showed its water display first in 1900. Enormous centaurs who fight about a catch of fish are the core elements of this fountain, symbolising the competition between the fish-markets of Hamburg and Altona. Triton and Nixe frame … 
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auch entlang Palmaille
22767 Altona
Bezirksamt Altona - Abteilung Stadtgrün
Sondernutzung für Grünanlagen
Ansprechpartner Herr Kloppenburg
Jessenstraße 1-3
22765 Hamburg
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Polizeikommissariat 21
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