Planten un Blomen

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In the heart of central Hamburg, Planten un Blomen park is linking inner city shopping streets with Hamburg convention and exhibition centres, Hamburg University and the bars and pubs of St. Pauli. Covering 450,000 sqm of reclaimed medieval fortifications, the park lives up to its name. Planten un Blomen is Low German and translates to 'Plants and Flowers'. The park offers manicured flower beds, herb gardens and vast lawns. One of the highlights of the park are the Japanese gardens. With their exotic plants and trees, intriguing rock formations, small ponds and a picturesque teahouse, these gardens are a true piece of art. There is hardly a quieter and more peaceful place in all of central Hamburg. The sunniest place in Planten un Blomen is fittingly modelled around a Mediterranean topic. Dark slate stores the heat emitted from sunlight and allows for fig and lemon trees, hibiscus and gunnera to grow in the cooler Hamburg climate. For more exotic plants and trees, the greenhouses are open year round. Enjoy biotopes resembling tropical rainforests, dry deserts and everything in between even with the park covered in snow and the lakes frozen over. And this is not the only attraction in wintertime Planten un Blomen: As soon as the temperatures drop, the ice-skating rink is drawing crowds. In Summer, go for a game of miniature golf or outdoor chess. Finally, when the sun sets over Hamburg, bring a picnic dinner, lie on the grass and watch the water features. The combination of illuminated fountains and classical music creates a one-of-a-kind experience. Be aware, you might end up soaking wet if you sit too close!


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