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The city´ s biggest park (180 hectares) lies in the north of Hamburg. At the beginning of the 19th century, the city of Hamburg acquired the area to develop a public park for its citizens for recreational purposes. The park was finished in the 1920s. Divided by avenues and hedges into large individual areas which have a symmetrical lay-out and the confined planting - apart from the forest-like sections -, it follows clear geometrical patterns. After plantings had been destroyed during the war or cut down, the park was restored in the 1950s in accordance with the original plans.Different areas of the park: A huge green space with the observatory at one end (former water tower, 1913-1915), a forest-like park, open-air swimming pool with restaurant and fast food, play-grounds, open-air stage, country house and restaurant.

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Current use

No vehicles allowed in the park, no fees payable.

Categories: Public Life, Park

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Hamburger Stadtpark
Bezirksamt Hamburg Nord, Fachamt Management des öffentlichen Raumes, Sondernutzungen
Ansprechpartner Herr Arne Günther
Kümmellstraße 6
20243 Hamburg
Local contact
Public authorities
Bezirksamt Hamburg Nord
Fachamt Management des öffentlichen Raumes, Sondernutzungen
Kümmellstraße 5-7
20249 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 04 60-58/ -59
040-427 90 44 28
Polizeikommissariat 33
Wiesendamm 133
22303 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 65 33-21/ -22 /-23
040-428 65 33-34