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Modelled after the Friedrichstrasse and Alexanderplatz train stations in Berlin, the Dammtor train station, also simply called the Dammtor, was designed as an elevated railway. Broad Jugendstil, rustic stone facades and an ornate steel and glass roof are the impressive features of this carefully-restored train station. The entrance to the station is at ground level, the platforms are located above. In the vicinity of the building lies the old botanical garden. The Dammtor is Hamburg´s third train station in the city, the main station and the train station in Altona being the other two.

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The Danats Gang belongs to a few connected walkways behind the An der Obertrave and the Hartengrube. The houses of the Donats Gang are from the renaissance and the baroque. The patios is comfortable and well kept. 
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23552 Lübeck
This huge green space which is called “Moorweide” is surrounded by trees and lies near university of Hamburg. On the opposite there is the Dammtor train station. It is often used as a football field. On the Moorweide is a sculpture of a … 
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Modern insurance company offices with a large atrium and a glass roof, an addition to the historical "Haus Wedelz" including a Grand Salon from the turn of the 20th century with stucco and ornamental decor. 
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20354 Hamburg
20354 Hamburg
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