S-Bahnhof Bahrenfeld Foto: ffhsh
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Friedensallee, Bahrenfeld Foto: ffhsh
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S-Bahnhof Bahrenfeld Foto: ffhsh
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Friedensallee, Bahrenfeld Foto: ffhsh
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Marzipan Fabrik, Bahrenfeld Foto: ffhsh
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S-Bahnhof Bahrenfeld Foto: ffhsh
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Neubau am Bahnhof Bahrenfeld Foto: ffhsh
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Unter den Gleisen von Bahrenfeld Foto: ffhsh
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Zweiter Eingang Hermes, Bahrenfeld Foto: ffhsh
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Erster Eingang Hermes, Bahrenfeld Foto: ffhsh
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Euler Hermes, Bahrenfeld Foto: ffhsh
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Garageneinfahrt Hermes, Bahrenfeld Foto: ffhsh
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Mendelsohnstrasse, Anlage vom ASBV
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Händelstrasse, Privatschule
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Leverkusenstrasse 54
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S-Bahnhof Bahrenfeld
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S-Bahnhof Bahrenfeld, Gleisbereich
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Bahrenfelder Steindamm, Tapas Bar Alta Mira
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Gebäude Hermes Versicherung, Friedensallee
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Gaswerkgelände, Fitnessclub Elixia
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Gaswerkgelände, Park
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Gaswerkgelände, Park
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The district of Bahrenfeld offers a lot of industrial real estate and traffic zones but it is at the same time with about 40% green area the greenest quarter of Hamburg with lots of parks and cemeteries. More over, Bahrenfeld offers a multiplicity of historical working class houses and factory buildings. A lot of former industrial houses are being changed into living and working spaces (the most known example is the “Gaswerk”, a former gasworks).

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Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg

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The Leverkusenstieg is a small street in the district of Bahrenfeld.The special appearance of the small houses is reminiscent of some streets and districts in London. 
Details of Leverkusenstieg
22761 Hamburg
This park was created in 1918 north of the district of Bahrenfeld. Its undulating and primeval landscape sprawls over 153 hectare, and from its peak, the Birkenhöhe, one has a beautiful view. In the north- west the fabulous Dahlia garden is on … 
Details of Altonaer Volkspark
22525 Hamburg
Public hospital with large main building, located closely to the motorway (exit Hamburg Othmarschen). The tower's rooftop offers an impressive view of Hamburg's port and the western city. It is possible to use a window cleaning platform for … 
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