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The street Rosengarten is a shorter Oldtown Street. In this street the Musikschool is hosted. The street owns a typical Lübeck oldtownstyle with the renaissance and baroque housefronts.
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The Haudels Patios is a very small and short patios. It contains a few little houses, that were built by workers during the time of baroque. The houses must have been renovated after 1950. 
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23552 Lübeck
In the year 1334 the St. Jacobi Church was finished. The Jacobichurch was the only church, that not has been hit by a bomb during WW II. The church is famous for her pipe organ from the 15th century. 
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23552 Lübeck
The Durchgang 46 / 47 is a walkthrough between the Aegidienstr. and the Wahmstr.. It is a well-kept Walkway with a wonderful backyard. The Walkway looks friendly, tidy, light and very beautiful. 
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Hansestadt Lübeck
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