Fischräucherei "Föh"

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Since 1911 the family Föh cures fish in their fish smokehouse. Every kind of fish gets processed here. The five old and black ovens are heating with Wood and after the smoking process customers have the possibility to buy the delicacies directly in the associated shop.

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The steam locomotive of Angeln is a historical train and nowadays a museum. An association organizes seasonal tours between Kappeln and Suederbarup. 
Details of Museumsbahn Kappeln
Lokschuppen Kappeln 24376 Kappeln
The bascule bridge crosses the river SChlei. It is 50m high when opened. 
Details of Klappbrücke bei Kappeln
B203 24376 Kappeln
Details of Kappeln
24376 Kappeln
Dehnthof 26-28
24376 Kappeln
Filmbüro Ostseefjord Schlei
Ansprechpartner Kirsten Schultz
24837 Schleswig
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Herr Föh