Amtsgericht Hamburg-Altona

Fassade und Eingang an der Max-Brauer-Allee, Foto: ffhsh
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Fassade und Eingang, Foto: ffhsh
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Eingang, Foto: ffhsh
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Eingangsbereich, Foto: ffhsh
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Innenhof, Foto: ffhsh
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Dachboden mit Regalen, Foto: ffhsh
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Treppenhaus, Foto: ffhsh
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kleiner Verhandlungsraum, Foto: ffhsh
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Flur, Foto: ffhsh
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Besprechungsraum, Foto: ffhsh
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Verhandlungsraum, Foto: ffhsh
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Treppenhaus, Foto: ffhsh
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Treppenhaus, mit daran anschließendem Flur, Foto: ffhsh
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großes Treppenhaus, Foto: ffhsh
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Kellergang, Foto: ffhsh
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alte Zelle, Foto: ffhsh
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alte Zellen , Foto: ffhsh
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Gang, Versteigerungshalle, Foto: ffhsh
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Versteigerungshalle, Foto: ffhsh
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Versteigerungshalle, Foto: ffhsh
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Flur/Treppenhaus, Foto: ffhsh
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Verhandlungsraum, Foto: ffhsh
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Treppenhaus, Foto: ffhsh
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The Altona Amtsgericht, a lower district court that has jurisdiction over minor cival and criminal cases, was built between 1873 and 1878. The round brick building is in the style of the Berlin school associated with Schinkel. It is a vivid statement of Altona"s connection with Prussia. Between 1904 and 1907 a new, Renaissance-style, stucco building with stone details was added, associated with the time of Emperor Wilhelm II rather than with the revival architecture of Hamburg-Altona.A plaque reminds us of the first people sentenced to death under the Third Reich in the wake of Altona's blood Sunday in 1932.

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Time limit

Access to location Monday to Friday only after end of court sessions at 4pm, weekends unlimited.

Current useParking of technical and staff vehicles on courtyard possible with prior agreement.
NoteCloak rooms, rooms for make-up, catering and lavatories available on request.Costs for location and attendant tba by attendents.

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Max-Brauer-Allee 91
22765 Hamburg
Amtsgericht Hamburg-Altona
Ansprechpartner Dirk Wagner
Max-Brauer-Allee 91
22765 Hamburg
Local contact
Dirk Wagner
Phone 040/ 428 11 15 69
Public authorities
Bezirksamt Hamburg Altona, Dezernat für Wirtschaft, Bauen und Umwelt
Servicezentrum, Sondernutzungszentrale
Jessenstraße 1-3
22765 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 11 62 - 33 / -34
040-428 11 62-39
Polizeikommissariat 21
Mörkenstraße 30
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