Gut Altenhof

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Gut Altenhof is manor house located in a 980 hectare area south east of the city Eckernförde. It was often rebuilt in the last centuries. The middle part of the house is open for the public. Since 1993 have been guides through the building, but it is only available for a group out of 20 people or more and with a reservation. Under the roof is a concert room for 870 seats. Every year in summer are there classic concert (Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival). Around the manor house is a park with an old tree population and a golf area. 

Gut Altenhof
Gutsverwaltung Altenhof
24340 Altenhof
Familie von Bethmann-Hollweg
Gutsverwaltung Altenhof
Ansprechpartner Julius von Bethmann-Hollweg

24340 Altenhof
04351-66 66 470
Local contact
Public authorities
Kreisverwaltung Rendsburg-Eckernförde / FD Verkehr
Kaiserstr. 8
24768 Rendsburg
Phone 04331-202-287