Altonaer Museum, Norddeutsches Landesmuseum

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All fotos by Jens Oestreicher. The urban development and architectural expansion of Altona gave the district a new identity with its town hall, square and train station, also included plans for a museum. It was built between 1889 and 1901. Unfortunately, little remains of the once magnificent building after it was destroyed during the war and rebuilt in a modern style. Main areas of interest in the museum are the natural history of Northern Germany, art and culture, urban and regional history, farm houses and the history of Schleswig Holstein. A remarkable collection of figure-heads from sailing ships and a great section of old toys are further attractions. The adjacent vocational school, built between 1927 and 1930, has a concrete frame with decorative verdegris plates, reminding us of how material of this kind was used in the past.

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The train station of Altona is a dead-end station and an important crosspoint for national, regional and local transport.Build in 1979, the building was reconstructed in 2005/2006 and involves now shopping possibilities and gastronomy. A car park … 
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