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Museumsfoyer im EG Neue Fabrik
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Seminarraum 2. OG Neue Fabrik
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EG Alte Fabrik
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1. OG Alte Fabrik
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3. OG Neue Fabrik
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TRUDE Schneiderad Elbtunnelbohrer
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Schiffsanleger Osterbekkanal
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The „Museum der Arbeit“ – which could be translated as “museum of labour" - is located on the former site of the New-York Hamburger Gummi Compagnie in Hamburg-Barmbek. The company was built in 1871 and constantly extended. It is now one of the oldest surviving factory complexes in Hamburg. The museum's exhibition opened in 1997 in the building of the "new factory" after careful restoration of the historical building and fabrics of 1908. The redevelopment of another part of the historic factory complex, the "old factory" was completed in 2006. Since then, the museum comes with an area of 5,000 m² on three major exhibition and event spaces. They are available unless the museum does need the space itself. The entire museum is wheelchair accessible and features load lifts. All rooms are secured by an alarm system. No exclusive right for catering needs to be obeyed. The museum is centrally located. It can also be reached with the historic saloon car of the local public transport service from the near Barmbek-Station for example or directly over its own steamboat jetty on the Osterbekkanal. Sufficient parking is available on the site. In the foyer of the museum, the historical character of the building is clearly visible. The 300m ² space is an excellent opportunity to carry out events. The furniture of the factory café can be used. The 3rd floor of the “new factory" with 650m ² floor space was extended in 1996. The area is characterized by a clear, contemporary architecture. It has a modern infrastructure including toilet facilities near by and is easily accessible by elevator. The ground floor of the “old factory" has been used since 1999 for events and was renovated in 2006. The room with 525m ² floor space is dominated by the original refurbished industrial architecture. It also has a modern infrastructure including toilet facilities and could be darkened. The ground floor level location has direct access to the historic courtyard which enables the extension of the event space with tents for example. The courtyard is spacious and equipped with historic road pavement.

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