Reeperbahn (Kiez)

Foto: Mediaserver Hamburg / Christian Spahrbier
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Foto: Mediaserver Hamburg / Christian Spahrbier
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Reeperbahn (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Reeperbahn (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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S-Bahnstation Reeperbahn (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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S-Bahnstation Reeperbahn (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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S-Bahnstation Reeperbahn (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Reeperbahn Ecke Hamburger Berg (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Reeperbahn Ecke Talstraße (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Silbersackstraße (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Silbersackstraße (Foto: ©ffhsh, Marc-Oliver Schulz)
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Reeperbahn (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Reeperbahn Ecke Davidstraße (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Reeperbahn Ecke Hans-Alberts-Platz
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Reeperbahn (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Friedrichstarße (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Reeperbahn (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Reeperbahn (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Reeperbahn (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Reeperbahn (Foto: ©ffhsh, Marc-Oliver Schulz)
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Reeperbahn (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Kleine Freiheit (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Große Freiheit (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Große Freiheit (Foto: ©ffhsh, Marc-Oliver Schulz)
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Große Freihiet (Foto: ©ffhsh)
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Große Freiheit (Foto: ©ffhsh, Marc-Oliver Schulz)
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(Foto: ©ffhsh, Marc-Oliver Schulz)
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Hamburg"s most notorious area, the Reeperbahn, a street of cabarets, peep-shows and bars is part of the redlight district in St. Pauli by the harbour. Best seen by night for its neon facades, the Reeperbahn is a line of casinos, clubs, restaurants, fast food places and prostitutes. Amongst this tacky mixture, the old amusement area also offers serious entertainment, such as performances, cabaret and musicals in the old St. Pauli Theatre next to the famous "Davidswache" police station, in the local musical hall and in the "Schmidts Tivoli" theatre.

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Reeperbahn-Serie beim Filmfest Hamburg
Die härtesten 80er Hamburgs
Dass die Reeperbahn der 80er Jahre nicht mit dem heutigen Partyviertel vergleichbar ist, dürfte vielen nicht unbekannt sein. Wie brutal die Kämpfe … more

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St. Pauli is synonymous with the Reeperbahn, its erotic stores, long party nights and numerous well-known pubs. This main contact point for tourists and residents alike is a famous German image export and a popular place to live, especially among … 
Details of St. Pauli
20359 Hamburg
Urban and maritime ambiance between amusement centre and harbour: On the ancient area of the Bavaria-Brewery (ASTRA), at the top of the Landungsbrücken, between Davidstraße (David Street), Hopfenstraße (Hopfen Street), Zirkusweg (Zirkus Alley) … 
Details of Bavaria Quartier St. Pauli
20359 Hamburg
20359 Hamburg
Bezirksamt HH-Mitte, Fachamt Management des öffentlichen Raumes, Sondernutzung MR1
Caffamacherreihe 1-3
Ansprechpartner Klaus Peters & Jan-Pascal Kawohl

20355 Hamburg
Local contact
Public authorities
Polizeikommissariat 15
PK1432 - Straßenverkehrsbehörde
Sachgebiet St. Pauli (PK 15, 16)
Lerchenstraße 82
22767 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 65 16-23