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The Hamburg Elbbrücken, the bridges across the Elbe, are the last ones before the Elbe flows into the North Sea. Since 1872, iron railway bridges have replaced ferries crossing the Norderelbe, the northern part of the Elbe, and the Süderelbe, the southern part. The Freihafen-Elbbrücke was built between 1914 and 1926, and in 1938 the Reichsautobahnbrücke across the Süderelbe was opened. After the Second World War, many new bridges, including railway bridges were built, alongside bridges from the 19th and early 20th century.

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Germany’s largest swimming office building has been housing IBA Hamburg GmbH since February 2010. The steel module superstructure sits on a 50-metre long and 26-metre wide concrete pontoon. The modules are relatively light and can be partially … 
Details of IBA Dock
20539 Hamburg
Opposite the IBA dock at Müggenburger Zollhafen is a boat workshop called “Haus der Projekte-die mügge”, which aims to introduce adolescents to the job market by teaching them handicraft skills. The house leans into the water and is … 
Details of Haus der Projekte - die Mügge
20539 Hamburg
Neue Elbbrücke
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HPA - Hamburg Port Authority
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