Friedhof Nienstedten

The cemetery in the Nienstedten district, founded in 1814, is one of the oldest in Hamburg. It is still being used. In the 1970s, historic gravestones of abandoned graves were preserved and made part of a museum. Today, the cemetery has seven preserved areas with magnificent gravestones from the 19th and 20th century.

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Time limitEssential to fix appointments; because of funerals, shooting only permitted from 2pm onwards.
Current useEntrance (gate), chapel and cemetery.
NoteRent for location in return for donation.
Categories: Public Life, Cemetery, Park

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Kirchenvorstand: Frau Grothe 040/ 82 66 66
Ansprechpartner Ev. Kirchengemeinde, FriedhosbüroHerr v. Drahten

040/ 82 34 00
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