Jenisch Haus

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Weisser Saal / Foto: Motivgeber
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Voght-Jenisch-Zimmer / Foto: Motivgeber
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Elbsalon mit Empire Möbeln im Erdgeschoss / Foto: Motivgeber
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Biedermeier Zimmer / Foto: Motivgeber
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Englisches Zimmer / Foto: Motivgeber
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Schlafzimmer von 1860 / Foto: Motivgeber
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Salon von 1875 im Obergeschoss / Foto: Motivgeber
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Das Klopstock Zimmer / Foto: Motivgeber
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Jenisch Haus / Foto: Motivgeber
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The Jenisch house, built between the years 1831 and 1834, is a typical representative of late classicist architecture. Due to its almost square floor plan and its only graphically differentiated walls, the building appears sublimely plain. On the first floor, a balcony is supported by four Doric sandstone pillars. The filigree of the gold-plated cast iron balustrade decorates windows and balcony. After repairing the destructions of war, the house was re-opened in 1955 as museum of home decor. As the original furniture was not preserved, a compromise was created: The spacious representative rooms on the ground floor are decorated in Classical and Biedermeier-style, partly with artefacts from Jenisch's possession. The 14 rooms on the two other levels display furniture from the late Renaissance to Art Nouveau.

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Jenisch Haus - Museum für Kunst und Kultur an der Elbe
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