Osterstraße, östliches Ende
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an der Treskowstraße
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Hinterhof an der Treskowstraße
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auf dem Isebekkanal
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Rotklinker an der Hohen Weide
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Grünanlage am Freibad Kaifu
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Wehbers Park
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Detail (Treskowstraße)
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Wohnen in Eimsbüttel: Treskowstraße
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Osterstraße, westliches Ende
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Osterstraße Ecke Hellkamp
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Fahrradweg am Kaiser-Friedrich-Ufer
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Hohe Weide
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an der Rombergstraße
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Hochhäuser an der Lutterothstraße
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Eimsbüttel is the right district for people who need a bit of everything. Although it is one of Hamburg's high-density areas, green streets and old buildings give Eimsbüttel its charme. Many young people and families live here; the numerous schools, the proximity to uni and to the Schanzenviertel surely contribute to this. To both sides of the Ostertraße (main shopping street) there are many quiet backstreets, and the Isebekkanal alongside the Bismarckstraße invites you for a walk. Osterstraße, Eppendorfer Weg and Hoheluftchaussee are within walking distance and offer a broad variety of shopping possibilities: Large department stores, smaller shops and weekly markets. Eimsbüttel also has a lot to offer gastronomically: Cafes, restaurants and bars invite you to take a break. But be warned: Even on weekdays it is difficult or sometimes impossible to find a car park.
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Behind a brick, neo-Gothic church facade one will discover a sanctuary and a parish hall on two levels. This amazing construction is the ingenious result of a fire in 1977. Instead of demolishing or reconstructing the church, it was decided to … 
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This high school stands as an example for many schools in Hamburg that were built in the early 20th century. 
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20255 Hamburg

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