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Kirche in Veddel
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Vereinsplatz in Veddel
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Häuserreihe in Veddel
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Veddel is located south-eastern of the inner city, divided by the Elbe. The area includes the eastern part of the island Veddel and as well the small isle Peute.There is also a small part at the northern part of the Island Wilhelmsburg which belongs to the Veddel.Between the railways in the west and the eastern motorway in the east lies the small but densely populated and intensively agriculturally, industrially and commercially used area.Because of the “Elbbrücken” the Veddel is very important for the through-going traffic on street and rails. Also the custom office giving access to the free port is settled down in Veddel.In the 1920ies the housing area became one of the first communal building projects. Because of the immediate neighbourhood to the Harbour the Veddel is a traditional district of the working class. Nowadays a lot of socially disadvantaged People are living here, also the percentage of immigrants is high (60%).
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Fachamt Management des öffentlichen Raumes, Sondernutzung MR1
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