Gebäude WSPK 3

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The turquoise buildings belongs to the police department of Harburg. These are also available for film shooting purposes, provided that work routines are not inhibited.

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Privathotel Lindtner Hamburg

Heimfelder Straße 123
21075 Hamburg

Katja Rinkert
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This part of Hamburg´s harbour remains completely unaffected by the tide. It contains the Hamburg yacht centre, the ship calibration station Heimdall, the Clipper clubhouse and the interior harbour side of the harbour police. Contact: Yacht Centre … 
Details of Harburger Binnenhafen
21079 Hamburg
Since the Hamburg international garden show (IGS) has been ending, this area in the middle of the Wilhelmsburg district is open for the public. In the beautiful park you can chill out next to the water, you can go for a walk and the children have a … 
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21109 Hamburg
The Kattwyck bridge is the biggest bascule bridge in the world. It is 290m long and was built in 1973. The maximum height of stroke is 53m high.A specialty about the bridge was, that it had train and car traffic, but there is a second bridge next … 
Details of Kattwykbrücke
21107 Hamburg
Am Überwinterungshafen 1
21079 Hamburg
Polizei Hamburg
Ansprechpartner Herr Schöppflin

Local contact
Public authorities
Bezirksamt Hamburg Harburg
Fachamt Management des öffentlichen Raumes, Sondernutzungen
Harburger Rathausplatz 4
21073 Hamburg
Phone 040 428 71 33 40
Wasserschutzpolizeikommissariat 3
WSPK 32 - Straßenverkehrsbehörde
Am Überwinterungshafen 1
21079 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 66 53-23/24
040-428 66 53-29