Schloß Glücksburg

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The moated castle was built between 1583 and 1587. The ducal property is a museum these days showing pieces of home décor dating back to the 18th and 19th century.

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The Marina Sonwik in Flensburg is a unique project in Germany: Tradition gets connected with innovation, the daily grind mixes with passion. In immediate closeness to the inner city of Flensburg a harbour colony rises in the fjord of Flensburg. 
Details of Hafensiedlung Sonwik
24944 Flensburg
The bascule bridge crosses the river SChlei. It is 50m high when opened. 
Details of Klappbrücke bei Kappeln
B203 24376 Kappeln
Details of Kappeln
24376 Kappeln
24960 Glücksburg
Stiftung Schloß Glücksburg
Ansprechpartner Prinzessin Elisabeth zu Ysenburg
24960 Glücksburg
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