Eisenbahnbrücke Lindaunis

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old bascule bridge, cars and trains use the same lane
Categories: Landscapes, Traffic, Bridge

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A village (19th century style) at the river Schlei with many restored houses, thatched roofs and a church. 
Details of Sieseby
24351 Sieseby
The Schleiperle is a light blue painted restaurant, which stands on piles directly on the water of the harbour of Arnis. 
Details of Schleiperle in Arnis
24399 Bad Arnis
24392 Boren
Deutsche Bahn AG - Pressestelle
Ansprechpartner Frau Christine Forstmann
Museumstr. 39
22765 Hamburg-Altona
040 - 39 18 -4410
Local contact
Filmbüro Ostseefjord Schlei, Kirsten Schultz
Phone 04621-382 800