Lübeck / Weinkeller im Heiligen Geist Hospital und Behnhaus

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The Weinkeller is a restaurant and lies in the Heiligen Geist Hospital and is part of the building. The house is still from the middleage.

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Kleinhuis Hotel Mellingburger Schleuse

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Regina Grünewald

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In the year 1334 the St. Jacobi Church was finished. The Jacobichurch was the only church, that not has been hit by a bomb during WW II. The church is famous for her pipe organ from the 15th century. 
Details of Lübeck / St. Jakobi Kirche
23552 Lübeck
The Burgtor belongs to the old fortifications of Lübeck. It is still in use as a drivethrew to reach the old townpart of Lübeck. Beside the Gate are the citywalls still existing. 
Details of Lübeck / Burgtor und Burgmauer
23552 Lübeck
Old sailingships at Untertrave canal. 
Details of Lübeck / Untertrave
Koberg 8
23558 Lübeck
Weinkeller Restaurant
Ansprechpartner Herrn Joachim Berger
Koberg 8
23558 Lübeck
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Public authorities
Wirtschaft und Liegenschaften Sachgebiete Wirtschaft und Märkte
Fischstraße 1-3
23539 Lübeck
Phone +49 451 115
+49 451 122-2390