Trimet Aluminium

Hafenanlage Kranführerkabine
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Außenansicht Kranführerkabine
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Innenhof der Elektrolyse-Hallen
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Durchfahrt Elektrolyse-Hallen
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Kaianlage Saugerturm und Anleger
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Betriebsgelände in Finkenwerder
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Produktionshalle Anodenfabrik
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Trimet Aluminium wharfage is an independent, medium-sized enterprise. The plant was founded in 1970 under the name Reynolds Aluminium, the electrolysis facilities were opened in 1974 and metal production began. In 1975 Reynolds threatened to give up in view of massive environmental problems and (on the grounds of surety) the city founded Hamburger Aluwerke – with a 20-year fixed electricity contract up until 1995. Then production continued until 2005 at considerably higher electricity prices, the rolling mill was given off to Hydro Aluminium, and by December 2005 all the furnaces were cold. After intense negotiations with the city, the aluminium smelter and the anode factory were sold to the family enterprise Trimet / Heinz-Peter Schlüter end 2006 and the first electrolytic furnace was running again in March 2007. Under full production, the plant produces an annual 130,000 tons of liquid aluminium.The expansive outdoor facilities, the production halls, the electrolytic furnaces, the conveyor belts and the wharfage with its suction devices all provide an abundance of interesting and spectacular motifs. Trimet is very open towards shooting requests and says of itself that it readily tries to make possible what it can.

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Unadulterated nature and a backcountry rich in contrasts in the middle of Hamburg Harbour between Waltershof and Finkenwerder. The background shows a logistics centre for container transfer. 
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Aluminiumstraße 1
21129 Hamburg
Trimet Aluminium AG
Ansprechpartner Dr. Jörg Prepeneit
Aluminiumstraße 1
21129 Hamburg
040-291 50 102
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Dr. Jörg Prepeneit
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