Kulturkirche Altona

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Der Garten hinter der Kirche
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Hinter dem Altar gibt es eine Küche
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1873 was the neo gothic clinker St.Johannis church built in the district Altona. An arson causes a huge damage especially in the tower in summer 1994. The organ was completely destroyed. In fact of this was the church recreated and a new organ was built in. The “cultural church” Altona gGmbH rents the building as a corporation partner of the Altona congregation for cultural and commercial uses. Therefore they are open for shootings. Only on Sundays and on public holidays is the church reserved for service, church music and other congregational events.

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KulturKirche Altona gGmbH
Ansprechpartner Frau Sina Frey und Herr Stefan Kröhnert
Max-Brauer-Allee 199
22765 Hamburg
Local contact
Herr Christian Zindel und Herr Stefan Kröhnert
Public authorities
Bezirksamt Hamburg Altona, Dezernat für Wirtschaft, Bauen und Umwelt
Servicezentrum, Sondernutzungszentrale
Jessenstraße 1-3
22765 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 11 62 - 33 / -34
040-428 11 62-39
Polizeikommissariat 16
PK 1432 - Straßenverkehrsbehörde
Sachgebiet St. Pauli (PK 15, 16)
Lerchenstraße 82
22767 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 65 16-21/ -22
040-428 65 16-29