JVA Glasmoor

Die JVA von oben gesehen
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Die Ausgabestelle
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Der Kraftraum
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Die Scheune
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Alter Stall
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Der Fussballplatz
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Der neuere Gefängnisflügel
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Tor zum Innenhof
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Das Gelände
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Die Werkshalle
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Die Tischlerei
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In der Scheune
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Der Aufenthalts-, Besuchs- und Indoorsportraum
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The JVA Glasmoor is a open prison, which means, no fences or high security standards. The area of the prison is huge and lies within a nature reserve.The area contains several factories, a big barn, a lot of stables, attics, outdoor areas like a football field, a ward and several offices. Shooting on the area of the JVA Glasmoor is always possible, there is a lot of parking spaces in front of every building and the directors of the prison are very open-minded about shootings.
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JVA Glasmoor
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