Halbinsel Graswarder

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Graswarder is a stretched peninsula next to Heiligenhafen at the Baltic sea. Some pictorially framework- and timberhouses are standing directly on the beach, mostly used for touristic purposes.

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The Fehmarnsund bridge connects Schleswig-Holsteins mainland with Fehmarn, an island in the Baltic Sea. The bridge is about one kilometre long and is beside the car traffic also a railroad bridge. Since 1999 the bridge is listed and counts as a … 
Details of Fehmarnsundbrücke
23775 Großenbrode
Fehmarn is the biggest and only island in the eastern sea. With its 2.1000 hours of sun in a year it is one of the sunniest and driest regions in Germany. Since 1963 has been the island connected to the mainland with the Fehmarnsund bridge. 
Details of Insel Fehmarn
23769 Fehmarn
Large property dating back to the beginning of the 18th century. It is famous for its Rococo hall inside the mansion. The barn is used for concerts and other music events. 
Details of Kultur Gut Hasselburg
23730 Altenkrempe
23774 Heiligenhafen
Ostsee-Holstein-Tourismus e.V.
Ansprechpartner Claudia Drögsler
Am Bürgerhaus 2
23683 Scharbeutz
Local contact
Public authorities
Kreisverwaltung Ostholstein / FD Straßenverkehr
Bürgermeister-Steenbock-Str. 20
23701 Eutin
Phone 04521-788-831
04521-788 - 600