Haus der Projekte - die Mügge

Haus der Projekte
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Opposite the IBA dock at Müggenburger Zollhafen is a boat workshop called “Haus der Projekte-die mügge”, which aims to introduce adolescents to the job market by teaching them handicraft skills. The house leans into the water and is reminiscent of an old dockyard building. A crane runway transports boats from the water into the large boathouse. There are group and music rooms alongside the workshop, as well as a large kitchen and a common room. The Dutch office “Studio NL-D” won the European-wide architecture competition, with construction commencing in June 2010 and ending in the spring of 2012, with the participation of adolescents from Wilhelmsburg and Veddel. The building’s electrical power supply is also remarkable: hydrogen and oxygen react in an fuel cell, creating heat and electricity. E.ON is testing this unusual but efficient technique here.

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