Deutsches Hafenmuseum - Standort Schuppen 50A

Schuppen 50 im Hafenmuseum Hamburg, ©
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Hochregale im Schupen 50A, ©
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Hafenatmosphäre im Schuppen 50A, ©
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Außengelände Hafenmuseum Hamburg, ©
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Lotsenstube im Hafenmuseum Hamburg, ©
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About 1900, the increasing transhipment and theships becoming bigger required an extensive rebuilding and extension process of the Port of Hamburg. From 1908 until 1909, the sheds 50 and51 were built along the wall of the Bremen quay. Each of them was 271 metres long and 48 metres deep. Furthermore, a dwelling house for the quay officials was built in 1911. More or less at the same time, the sheds 52 and 53 were built at the Australia quay along the India port. The appeal of the shed 50 A as of the others lies in the lightweight wooden construction in the style of a hall church with nave and two aisles. In comparison, this way of building was not only cheap; it also meant the quick rebuilding in case of a fire. By raising the central nave, an adequate incident of light was made possible. The sheds were stocked with electric half-dockside cranes to the dock side. The quay and loading ramps were connected to the railways and opened to horse and cart. All of these factors made an easy and quick handling of goods possible.

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Built between 1908 and 1911, the 50er Schuppen boast a triple-aisle wooden stand construction and are the last remaining quay warehouses from the time of the empire. The adjoining main buildings used to house functionaries and include various rooms … 
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