MAGAZIN Filmkunsttheater

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Since 1974 the"Winterhude Lichtspiele" are named MAGAZIN. It´s the oldest traditional cinema in Hamburg which is in action since 1938. The MAGAZIN is owning over 370 burgundy upholstery chairs, a big red velvet stage curtain, a stage of ca. 4 times 9 m and a blue-grey wallcovering. Besides it´s the only film theatre with a flat ground.The MAGAZIN is located in the middle of a 1925 constructed red - brick living area. The film theatre was offically used as a meeting room or as a canteen, but already in 1938 it was changed to a cinema. Today the building is under monumental protection and it was the first film theatre in the former british occupation zone which got back its licence for showing films in the public. 

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22299 Hamburg
Fiefstücken 8a
22299 Hamburg
MAGAZIN Filmkunsttheater
Ansprechpartner Arndt Eggers
Fiefstücken 8a /Ecke Efeuweg
22299 Hamburg
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Bezirksamt Hamburg Nord
Fachamt Management des öffentlichen Raumes, Sondernutzungen
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20249 Hamburg
Phone 040-428 04 60-58/ -59
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22303 Hamburg
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