Diversity Checklist

Diversity in front and behind the camera

Good and successful films get by without clichés and stereotypical role models. But we know from several studies that there is still a lot to do in front of and behind the camera until all people, regardless of gender, age, origin, skin colour, orientation and other characteristics, have the same chances to express themselves or be represented in the film with their own experiences.

The film industry has the responsibility and the opportunity to portray our versatile, multicultural society, which is common in our everyday environment, in a modern, pioneering and diverse way – without lapsing into clichés or confirming unconscious biases.

MOIN Film Fund accepts this responsibility. We aim at raising awareness on the topic of diversity, in our funding bodies as well as among our funding recipients. Just like when we placed the topic of ecological sustainability on our agenda a few years ago, we think the film industry has the potential to serve as an example to reduce biases against minorities in our society and promote coexistence as a matter of course.

„Let us film more diversity and tell stories that would otherwise go unheard: We want to see our diverse, multicultural society modern and in all its facets on the big screen.“
Helge Albers, CEO MOIN Film Fund

By making it obligatory to answer a series of questions when submitting an application, we want to encourage deeper engagement with the topic and critical examination of one's own actions - without affecting artistic freedom or labour law issues. And we're keen to develop a better understanding of the extent to which values are already present in the projects applying to us for funding.

At the same time, even as a minor co-producer, we encourage you to influence your partners to act in accordance with these principles.

The checklist is based on legal principles, e.g. the General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeinen Gleichbehandlungsgesetz from 2006), influenced by foreign film funding institutions and will be constantly improved in dialogue with the filmindustry.

Here you can find the new Diversity Checklist divided into Development, Production and Distribution: