Julia Grosch
Manager Events & EU-Projects

Cross Motion

Cross Motion (2016-2019) has been a EU-funded project facilitating cooperation between screen industries and the education, tourism and healthcare sectors in the Baltic Sea region. Public, academic and industry stakeholders have been invited to join networks and participate in events that lead to prototypes of new cross-media solutions in these fields.


  • Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School / Tallinn University (Lead Partner, EST)
  • Estonian Digital Centre (EST)
  • Filmby Aarhus (DNK)
  • Filmfund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (GER)
  • Media Evolution Southern Sweden (SWE)
  • Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences (FIN)
  • Nebula Cluster (LTU)
  • TechHub Riga (LVA)
  • University of Oslo (NOR)


Total budget: EUR 3.0 million
ERDF funding: EUR 2.2 million
Norwegian funding: EUR 0.2 million
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Create Converge

Create Converge (2016-2021) has been all about getting visualisation and games tech to work together and work with sectors from architecture to science. It brougt together partners in four countries of the North Sea Region and taps into their wider networks to deliver on the promise of converging creative technologies (CCTs).

The project has ended in July 2021


  • Abertay University (GBR)
  • Filmby Aarhus (DNK)
  • Media Evolution Southern Sweden (SWE)
  • MOIN Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (GER)
  • Screen South (GBR)
  • Subatomic (NLD)
  • TayScreen (Lead Partner, GBR)
  • University of Herfordshire (GBR)
  • VIA University College (DNK)
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