Green Filming in Northern GermanyGreen Filming Badge and Green Motion

MOIN Filmförderung has been advocating an ecological and sustainable change of thinking in the film industry since 2012. We currently work with two complementary initiatives in order to take into account a project's entire value chain: The Green Motion label stands for uniform standards throughout Germany in the area of production, while the Green Filming Badge covers the areas of development, distribution and cinema.

With the Green Filming Badge and Green Motion every production and every person involved contributes to making production processes more ecological and reducing the Co2 footprint.


Green Motion

In a joint effort with representatives from broadcasting companies, production companies, VoD services and film funding agencies, we have developed a new sustainability label SOLELY tailored for the production sector: Green Motion. Kickoff date for the label is January 1, 2022. Participating parties commit to a minimum of ecological standards that include 21 "must haves". A production must meet at least 18 of these requirements to receive the "Green Motion" label.

Green Filming Badge

The Green Filming Badge has been working as a sustainability check for the areas of development, distribution and cinema since April 2020. With the Green Filming Badge all funded productions that are predominantly German-financed and shot in Germany must now meet ecologically sustainable criteria

Here you can find our set of criteria (available only in German) with both mandatory and voluntary green measures:


Green Guidelines

And here you can find our green guidelines  with many practical tips and suggestions:

Green Storytelling Checklist

You want practical tips on the topic of "Green Storytelling"? Then you've come to the right place. The Green Storytelling Checklist is a tool of the Green Storytelling Initiative** for screenwriters, dramaturgs, producers, editors and other decision makers to consider the ecological impact of their stories and productions.


Co-operation partners

Hanseatische Material Verwaltung

Hanseatische Materialverwaltung is the main contact point for set building materials and ideas. It is where Hamburg’s cultural institutions, public schools, universities, artists and associations collect the materials they require for their social, ecological or creative projects. HMV collects materials and objects in a central warehouse, thereby creating an open collection that allows for the realization of new ideas – sustainable and creative!

Green Film Shooting

Based on a leaflet of the same title, which was published at the 2013 Berlinale, journalist Birgit Heidsiek tackles the issues of sustainability and environment protection in the film industry on her website. It features up-to-date news and background information on the topic of Green Film Shooting.

UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg

Die UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg ist seit über zehn Jahren DIE Hamburger Institution zur Förderung des freiwilligen Umweltschutzes in der Wirtschaft. Sie ist Innovationstreiber für umweltfreundliche Technik und gleichzeitig zentrale Plattform für den umweltpolitischen Austausch zwischen Wirtschaft, Politik und Verwaltung. Alle UmweltPartner investieren in umweltfreundliche Technik, führen Umweltmanagementsysteme ein, optimieren Betriebsabläufe nach energetischen Kriterien oder planen freiwillige Umweltschutzmaßnahmen.