afci Association of Film Commissioners International

Association of Film Commissioners International

Since 2004, the Film Commission has been a member of AFCI, the Association of Film Commissioners International – the worldwide association of regional and county film commissions. Thanks to the AFCI websites, index of members, publications and social media, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein have become more accessible to the global film industry. Representatives of the German Film Commissions participate in selected AFCI events at fairs and festivals, presenting the location Germany including Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

eufcn European Film Commission Network

European Film Commissions Network

The European Film Commissions Network EuFCN is a non-profit association which supports and promotes the European film industry and culture.

Its main goals are to create a network of the most active European Film Commissions; to promote the exchange of information between members; to sustain the development of location searches and shooting opportunities; and to carry out professional and educational activities for members.

Furthermore, it is also involved in promoting Film Commission activities with Public Institutions, the European Community and the film industry; conducting projects funded by the European Union; supporting the film industry; organizing seminars and conferences; analyzing the needs of producers of films and TV dramas and meeting these needs.

Find more information and contacts on EuFCN Website.

German Film Commissions

German Film Commissions

Film commissions are regional points of contact for film industry companies of all kinds involved in the production of film, television and video projects, and who require information, services or contacts. The working practices and operating principles of film commissions are defined by an international umbrella organization, the Association of Film Commissioners International AFCI. In conformity with AFCI by-laws, the German film commissions have agreed on the following joint overall guidelines, whose main aim is global transparency. They are also intended as an aid to maintaining standards and competitiveness in both national and international contexts.


Concluding Remarks:
Preserving and guaranteeing the above principles is prerequisite to the further establishment of the German film commissions and ensures fair and healthy competition.