Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein

MOIN Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein supports cinema films, high-end series and innovative audiovisual formats of all genres. We provide financial support for all phases of the production process from script to screen. It is our focus to develop our regional audio-visual industries and welcome filmmakers from around the globe to film in our region.

Moreover Screening and film presentation support is provided to cinemas in Hamburg for high quality film presentations and innovative marketing actions.

The German-Turkish Co-Development Fund facilitates the cooperation of German and Turkish filmmakers in the early stages of joint projects.

Furthermore, the Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme supports producers with cinema and TV projects of all genres, sales and distribution, festivals and markets, training initiatives and cinema networks.

Application Dates

Application Dates MOIN Film Fund

High End

  • 11.01.23
  • 12.04.23
  • 16.08.23
  • 17.10.23

Director's Cut

  • 13.02.23
  • 15.05.23
  • 29.08.23
  • 01.11.23

Short + Innovative

  • 07.03.23
  • 09.05.23
  • 29.08.23
  • 07.11.23

Filmwerkstatt Kiel

The Filmwerkstatt (film workshop) in Kiel provides hands-on support. Filmwerkstatt's primary function is to support young talent and newcomers, as well as to provide a technology pool for non- commercial film and media projects. The offering also covers continued development and industry support in the form of events and consultation in Schleswig-Holstein.It's important to note that these services are not linked to a particular project subsidy or formal application.

In addition, the Screen Talent Europe network supports international projects from young talent and cross-border training opportunities targeted at young filmmakers.